Participants should containerize their algorithms with Docker and submit these to organizers for evaluation. The test data will not be released to the public. 

The challenge organizers will run your method on all test data. This guarantees that the test data remains secret and cannot be included in the training procedure. This workflow has proven successful for previous MICCAI challenges. (e.g. IVDM3Seg Challenge)

An easy-to-follow example to containerize your algorithms with Docker will be updated soon.

Note: Each top-ranking team will be invited to submit a 3-page report using LNCS and an oral speech at MICCAI 2019 to describe methodology of their approach. All the top-ranking teams will be invited to jointly author a paper on describing the latest progress on automatic signet ring cell detection and colonoscopy tissue segmentation & classification delineation based on the challenge results.

The Submission site will be open in August, 2019.